D.O.L is a metal band from Finland, that will ROCK YOUR FACE OFF! If you're looking for a hard rocking killer sound, then you have to check out this band, let me tell you, this band takes loud to a hole new level, this band is what rock was ment to sound like. 

-Wes Hyland - GXsix

Coming all the way from Finland we have the new release from goth metal act D.O.L. This marks their debut E.P with Between Love and Death and is a great mix of goth rock and heavy metal. The band has been getting a lot of attention from their local scene and even more so after the release of this E.P. and from listening to it, it is easy to see why.



D.O.L is a Helsinki based Finnish metal band. Our sound can bring to mind such bands as HIM, SIXXam or even some 80`s metal bands...

Our history began, when Catsy(drummer) and

Eero "MC" Veri (vocals/guitar) parted ways with their previous band Days Of Lost`s Okka and Pasi( who both played on D.O.s 1st single) in 2017. Two guys decided to go on without them and continue with the now shortened name D.O.L.

Soon they were met with new players, but it wasn`t until Jykä(bass) joined the group, that the formula started to get clearer. Next they were joined with Lauri(keyboards) on late 2018, and latest to join was Haades, who joined on July 2019! .

From that moment on, the 5 guys have been making awesome songs together and now they are ready to show them to the world! 2020 we got signed to Inverse records, as for our next single "My Juliet" and EP "Between Love And Death" will be released through them.


Reviewer Comment Score: 8 This is a great cover of Hurt by Nine Inch Nails. The intro is spot on. The vocalist is reminiscent of Marilyn Manson and the drum adds much desired suspense and syncs perfectly to the guitars. I like this version. I definitely prefer Johnny Cash's version, but this is a close second in terms of covers Reviewer Comment Score: 10 This was a great song. I loved the way that it rolled off of my speakers and really gave a great essence of the song that created a great rhyme in my room from my speakers. Loved the acoustics and the vocals. Reviewer Comment Score: 9 I like the energy and passion that this artist brings. The lyrics and beats match well making this song interesting and entertaining. I believe that this song has potential to do very well. Reviewer Comment Score 10 Love the vocals. Great range of vocals and always on key. Sometimes not clear but with more listenings I will be able to understand and better evaluate the lyrics.”

- reverbnation, Crowd reviews for song "Hurt"

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